One of Lenny’s major objectives is to compose works for acoustic instruments. The following are some recent examples. In 2007, Lenny composed Three Episodes for Quintet. Two performances took place in the San Francisco Bay area, supported by an American Composer’s Forum Subito grant. Lenny’s 6-movement work, Earth Tones, composed in 2009 for virtuoso classical and jazz pianist Frederick Harris, is entirely notated, with each movement set in a different jazz style. It was performed in concert in 2009 at City College of San Francisco and at Stanford University in 2010. In 2011, Lenny composed a tango, “Rosa,” for pianist Meral Guneyman, a Steinway Artist who tours internationally. In 2012, he composed Thumb and Variations, a 6-movement suite for piano and cello dedicated to the memory of country guitar icon Jerry Reed. In 2013, Lenny composed Passages, settings of three poems by Lisa Rosenberg for soprano voice, violin, and piano, perhaps his most ambitious “art music” for a chamber group yet.